301: Sean-Paul von Ancken on The Arcosanti Convergence.

Building and blending the communities of sustainability and social justice in one event

Sean-Paul is an urbanist and community developer with a degree in planning & sustainability from the University of New Mexico. He is concerned with growing resilient food systems, and advancing ideas of good urban design. As an event producer and community organizer, his work facilitates civic engagement, conflict resolution, and social justice. Contemporary social, environmental, and economic injustice inspire Sean-Paul to join arms with activists and cultural catalysts of all varieties and from all backgrounds. His goal is to bend and blend movements together to embody and expound a new urban/social paradigm.

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In This Podcast:

Sean-Paul tells us how he found his purpose in the community of sustainability, traveling the world learning from movements and people all over. He landed at Arcosanti just north of Phoenix and is now working to help merge the communities of sustainability and social justice. He shares Arcosanti with us and then introduces the Convergence event happening over the 2nd weekend in November. There is so much happening you need to hear him explain it to even get a taste of it all.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Communicating sustainability and social justice ideas while traveling around to different projects 
    • How food systems are so crucial to the sustainability and social justice movements 
    • Finding Arcosanti at age 18 and getting introduced to sustainability and ‘radical’ new ideas 
    • Going to Earthship Biotexture in New Mexico, and Auroville in southeastern India 
    • The Arcosanti Convergence – a sustainability and arts festival combined with a conference 
    • A weekend full of world renowned sustainability and social justice speakers and diverse music 
    • It will be a lot of things to choose from at the same time 
    • A great community event to learn and network at the same time 
    • A request for people to come with intention 
    • Keynote speakers including Mark Lakeman, Athea Walkingtree, Bill McDorman, Jeff Stein 
    • Film Screening of Viva La Verde and Seed: The Untold Story 
    • A huge healing component full of a variety of different healers 
    • November 10-12th at Arcosanti 

As well as: 

His failure – The times he ran into burnout  

His success – The development of the Arcooperative Association 

His drive – The feeling of being steamrolled and wanting to fight oppression, fascism, and racism; and the feeling of home and compassion and trust in community 

His advice – Start reaching out and make connections and relationships 

Sean-Paul’s Book recommendations: 

The Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

How to reach Sean-Paul: 

Website: arco.life 

Email: seanpaul@arco.life

Facebook: Convergence at Arcosanti 


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