269: Sarah Schlichte Sanchez on Lyme Disease.

Spreading education and support about an oft dismissed, yet devastating disease.

Sarah contracted Lyme Disease as a teenager, however it took 17 years of pain and suffering before she received an accurate diagnosis.  Since starting treatment at the age of 37, she has devoted her time to help others cope with the daily struggles of living with a chronic illness.  She is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, and together with her husband Aaron, produces a regular podcast called LymeVoice.

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In This Podcast:

There is a disease that is spreading across the United States and other countries, unchecked and in many cases dismissed or ignored, at great physical, emotional and financial cost.  Sarah Schlichte Sanchez was infected in a state that supposedly did not have Lyme disease, so getting answers and help was almost impossible.  Now she spends much of her time helping others who need support and information about this ruthless illness. She shares her story here.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Living in a state where Lyme disease technically does not exist
  • Getting bit by a tick in an area of New Mexico and getting a huge bullseye rash
  • The misdiagnosis and then the rash disappeared
  • Early symptoms that showed up
  • More symptoms and how they were dismissed
  • Some of her kids have Lyme disease now too
  • Struggling to get help that was useful
  • Getting in an accident which triggered the downward spiral
  • Being told she was part of the few who would not get better
  • According to Dr. Richard Horowitz 70-80 % of people with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia have Lyme disease
  • Fighting doctors who deny the possibility of Lyme
  • The changing aspects of Lyme as it hides in the cells
  • Putting the blame back on the patient
  • How to survive a plague video
  • The Gerson protocol
  • What she was experiencing with Lyme disease
  • Some of the diseases that Lyme
  • Under our Skin
  • Lyme spirochete
  • Jay Davidson online Lyme disease summit
  • Getting out of the wheelchair after her first colonic treatment
  • Testing for Lyme

Producer’s note: One resource for testing is IgeneX.com

  • Some people are getting better and what they have in common

As well as:

  • Her failure – Her financial situation and not being prepared for the expenses
  • Her success – Working on a documentary called Disappearing from Society
  • Her drive – Getting her life back
  • Her advice – Fight, Heal and Live; get educated!

Books written by Sarah:

Little Bite, BIG Trouble: A Bird’s-Eye View of Chronic Lyme Disease

Sarah’s Book recommendations: 

Suffered Long Enough: A Physician’s Journey of Overcoming Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, & Lyme by William Rawls

How to reach Sarah:           

Facebook: Sarah Schlichte Sanchez and Lyme Voice

Website: Lymevoice.com


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