268: Julie Murphree on Marketing the Direct-Market Farm.

Assisting urban and rural farmers negotiate the maze of promotion and marketing.

Julie previously ran her own public relations & marketing firm supporting clients in the agriculture and technology industries before joining the Arizona Farm Bureau as the Outreach Director. She works with farmers and ranchers throughout the state to advance the importance of agriculture as a food security issue for our state and the nation.

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Julie is a native of Arizona, grew up on a cotton and alfalfa farm in Pinal County where she was in production agriculture with her parents until 2005. She is the author of two books, Fresh Air and A Farmer’s Guide to Marketing the Direct-Market Farm published by the AZ Farm Bureau.

In This Podcast:

When agriculture is a serious passion, then one way or another your path will probably lead you to a place like a state farm bureau.  Julie Murphree cares so much about helping farmers find ways to succeed that she wrote a book and tries to personally deliver them when she visits farms in her state. Her years of experience and her network of agriculture resources help her bring a bounty of ideas to new or struggling farmers, as well as to those who are ready to move up to the next level.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up on a cotton farm in Arizona
  • Helping others connect to agriculture
  • Advocating for and with farmers and ranchers of all sizes and types
  • Helping small and large farmers market their products and establishing their brand
  • Reaching out beyond the borders of Arizona
  • Strategies that can be found in A Farmer’s Guide
  • Her definition of an urban farmer
  • The important thing to remember when marketing your farm
  • Getting started as a new urban farmer
  • Connecting with the market manager
  • Evaluating your capability to meet demand
  • Creating an inviting display and how to keep the customer’s interest
  • A co-op booth that helps small farmers or those with small niches
  • Her book Fresh Air and how the invitation the country life
  • Join the farm bureau in your state
  • How policies can be sent up the political channels

As well as:

  • Her failure – Running for office in her junior high school Four H club with an emotional disappointment and learning a valuable lesson
  • Her success – Developing and growing her relationships with her family and friends
  • Her drive – Agriculture, farming and ranching
  • Her advice – Don’t give up, if you conclude you can’t do it – shoulder with those who are.

Books written by Julie:

A Farmer’s Guide To Marketing The Direct-Market Farm

Fresh Air…: 50 Ways to Experience the Best Things about Country Life Wherever You Live!

Julie’s Book recommendations:    

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by William H McRaven

The Bible

How to reach Julie: 

Websites: azfb.org and FillYourPlate.org

Email Juliemurphree@azfb.org

Twitter: @cottonaggie


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