198: Constantin Bisanz on Sourcing Healthy Food.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through real food options.

Constantin Bisanz Health enthusiast, avid athlete and Austrian entrepreneur Constantin founded ALOHA in January 2014 with a mission to help others live healthier, happier lives. Along with his team, Constantin creates real food products made from simple, pure, sustainably-sourced ingredients, offering accessible solutions for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His inspiration for founding ALOHA came from studying Ayuryedic medicine in India—a holistic approach to health and wellness centered on the balance of mind, body and spirit—combined with his belief that nutrition is the foundation to overall wellness. This philosophy, fueled by his frustration with weak regulation, conflicting messages and lack of quality products and information in the food and health industries, laid the groundwork for ALOHA.

In this podcast:

A health enthusiast and entrepreneur Constantin shares his story with Greg about getting the inspiration to start a health food company because he was struggling to find healthy food options. His active lifestyle gave him a need for good food, while at the same time challenged him to get access to real food options and with his background, he was ready to make a positive solution viable for other health conscious people.


Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up in Austria and was 14 when he opened his first business
  • His struggle to maintain a healthy life while building companies
  • Finally selling his company and getting time to follow some passions
  • Taking his family to spend time in various places around the world
  • Getting to kite surf around the world, but not having easy access to healthy food
  • His time in India and the chance to study Ayurveda philosophy
  • Finding out that a healthy lifestyle in America was not easy
  • His annoyance at the difficulty to get access to knowledge on healthy foods
  • Starting ALOHA to help people get access to quality plant based nutrition
  • His first business in photography
  • What ALOHA is and what their goal is as a company
  • Their focus on trying to make healthy eating sexy
  • Blue zones and how people who live in these zones live a long life and things they have in common
  • What he learned about “Natural Flavor” in ingredient lists
  • More about the food his company offers
  • Why sourcing healthy food and ingredients is so important to his vision
  • What he learned about fish oil and what he did about that
  • Why he writes down his goals on a regular basis

As well as:

  • His failure – One time he was working for a management buyout in one of his companies and was expecting to close the deal so he took a vacation and returned to find the deal had fell through
  • His success – having a mindset of optimism, and the realization that he wanted to do something meaningful and help others to live a full life
  • His drive – His goals that he writes down, and thinking big
  • His advice – Write down your goals, think big, but physically write them down; write them down for a balanced life including career, relationships, health and education

Constantin’s Book recommendations:        

Thinking Big: The Keys to Personal Power and Maximum Performance by Brian Tracy

Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life (Quick Reads) by Richard Branson

How to reach Constantin:    

Instagram: @constantinbisanz

Facebook: @ConstantinAloha


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