186: Robin Kelson on Seed Saving-Resiliency.

Keeping the strength of genetic traits through community sharing of seeds.

Robin KelsonRobin is the owner of the Good Seed Company – “heirloom seeds for common use,” a small heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seed company based in Whitefish, MT and dedicated to helping re-establish the community practice of selecting, saving and sharing seeds for common use.
The Good Seed Company envisions becoming a model for cultivating community-grown resilient seeds, seed savers and gardeners, and offers “workshops from soil to seed” under the trade name: “DIY:GROW”, including a one-year “seed steward” internship. DIY:GROW seeks to reduce the barrier to entry for anyone wanting to take control of their food.
A biochemist and attorney by training, Robin has spent over 30 years exploring human vitality, resiliency, and patterns in the natural world. In support of cultivating a sustainability perspective for our common future, she also offers “The Resiliency Dialogues”, presentations for all audiences that introduce simple tools from nature for practicing resiliency in any context and to invite dialogue on this subject.


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