187: Sherrie Pelsma on Macro Photography in the Garden.

Looking at garden wildlife from a whole new perspective.

Sherri Pelsma FI2Sherrie grew up on the rural Oregon Coast before moving to Portland to finish her degree. She has spent the last 10 years in Community Education, and runs a program where participants learn Do-It-Yourself skills to make homes safer and more energy efficient. As an environmentalist who loves macro photography, she took a special interest in pollinators and other insects which quickly blossomed into the love that drove the founding of the project Pollinator Parkways. 

In this podcast: Greg gets a chance to talk with Sherrie about her garden photography. Sheri has been developing her skills with macro photography and loves to share the results with her projects and her community. Here she helps explains the basics of garden photography, and tells how looking through the camera lens has given her a whole new perspective on the tiny lifeforms around her.

Listen in and learn about:

  • How her photography interest blossomed with digital photography


  • Some of the tools she is using to get the close-up pictures with clear images
  • How she finds her subject matter
  • What happened when she started taking pictures of spidersBee 1
  • The different personalities of the spiders in her garden
  • Where most of the invertebrates are hidden
  • Bees in flight and why that is tricky
  • Her favorite bee picture
  • The two different types of camerasbug duo
  • How she learned to start making the different manual adjustments to the shot
  • Some photography basics and some simple steps for different types of scenes
  • How composition can be changed on the computerbee 2
  • A short synopsis of Pollinator Parkways

As well as:

  • Her failure – the times she was trying to take a picture of a waterfall in the rain with the wrong lens and after a long and tough time trying to get the shot, she ended up with no good pictures.
  • Her success – Being able to use her pictures for good in a variety of projects
  • His drive – a desire to be connected to nature and the things we are supposed to be connected to
  • His advice – go out into your garden and just go sit, and watch for tiny bugs and creatures

How to reach Sherrie:         

Website: PollinatorParkways.org

Facebook: @PollinatorParkways

Email: pollinatorsparkways@gmail.com

See more of her pictures: https://500px.com/pollinatorparkways



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