182: Matthew Shepherd on Planting to Feed Bees.

Expanding the habitat of an essential pollinator through garden choices.

matthew-sheppardMatthew’s career began in England where he established a successful community-based conservation program in Essex and helped to create Samphire Hoe, an award-winning nature park. He has also worked with local communities and government agencies in Kenya to improve the management of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, on the coast north of Mombasa. He has created and maintained gardens that provide for insects and other wildlife everywhere he has lived, a passion that began when he learned gardening at his mother’s side.
After marrying an American and moving to Oregon, Matthew was working for the Xerces Society at the vanguard of a new effort to protect pollinators. In the past 15 years, he has collaborated with people from all walks of life to promote awareness about, and protection of, pollinator insects, especially native bees. Matthew is author of numerous articles and other publications, including Attracting Native Pollinators (Storey Publishing, 2011) and Gardening for Butterflies (Timber Press, 2016).

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