Quilen Blackwell on Urban Flower Farms

520: Quilen Blackwell on Urban Flower Farms

Encouraging youth to bloom through off-grid farming on vacant lots. – In This Podcast: We usually speak with food farmers, however, Quilen Blackwell is doing something so amazing with flower farming we needed to get him on the show! Learn why he chose to farm flowers over food, got…

331: Zach Brooks on Sustainability and Worms

331: Zach Brooks on Sustainability and Worms. Turning waste into gold with off-the-shelf, readily available items. Zach semi-retired from Healthcare Management at age 42 when his consulting company went public.…

179: Penn Parmenter on Passive Solar Greenhouses

Greg reconnects with Penn to talk about the greenhouse designs she and her husband create, sell and teach about. Penn tells how her husband Cord took passive solar concepts and implemented them into the first greenhouse they built from reclaimed and scrap materials, and how they have made many improvements over time.

The Lowdown on Solar Ovens

By Mary Munoz. This article was written in response to a  question from Traci K: “Months ago I did quite a bit of research on the various solar ovens, but was discouraged by so many reviews from people complaining of the chemical or plastic taste to the food. I decided to hold off on buying one for a while, hoping the issue would be resolved. Was this ever a problem with your Sun Oven?”