Thomas Tuoti on Growing Mushrooms at Home

429: Thomas Tuoti on Growing Mushrooms at Home

Minimizing food waste and improving soils by growing fungi – We learn the ins and outs of growing mushrooms at home with Thomas Tuoti. Listen in for the difference between mushrooms and mycelium as well as how to use them to build your soil. Mushrooms are the composting tool we never…

270: Colin McCrate on High Yield Vegetables

Improving results in your garden through planning and record keeping: Putting a brand new edible landscape together for homeowners and even apartment communities in the Seattle area is just another work day for Colin McCrate, and he loves it.  So, after several years and many gardens built & maintained, he…

183: Shawn Jadrnicek on The Bio-Integrated Farm

Maximizing functions from landscape elements to save time, energy and money. Greg meets Shawn who explains a key permaculture concept of having multiple functions from one element. Shawn tells how he has designed many projects focusing on elements that have at least seven functions each. With his experience, he has brought together several examples in his new book and so he shares some ideas in this interview.

514: Brad Lancaster about Harvesting the Rain.

110: Brad Lancaster on Rainwater Harvesting

Planting edible trees and crops & water harvesting in the desert. – Brad Lancaster is the author of the award-winning Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond and co-founder of Since 1993 Brad has run a successful permaculture education, design, and consultation business focused on integrated regenerative approaches to…