460: Pascale Pearce on Egg Incubation for Beginners.

Making the hatching of backyard chickens easy and fun.

A native of France, Pascale is a graduate of Bordeaux Business School where she earned an MBA specializing in International Trade. In 1994 in the UK, she started as Brinsea Export Manager and joined Brinsea USA in 1998 shortly after its creation where she was in charge of business development.

Brinsea® is a family run business offering bird breeding and veterinarian products. Established in 1976 by an engineer with an interest in breeding birds it quickly became a passion, which coupled with his background and enthusiasm has produced the most innovative egg incubators and brooders available. With 25 years’ experience in the bird breeding and animal intensive care, Pascale enjoys sharing her knowledge of incubation with backyard breeders to make hatching an enjoyable experience they will want to repeat.

In This Podcast:

If you are not careful, you might find that hatching eggs can quite easily develop into a passion, just ask Pascale Pearce! She took a job that needed her to hatch eggs at least once, so she knew what she was talking about – and now she loves to help others understand the process.  She shares some key points about incubating bird eggs and starting the chicks off right. We also include a link to a great article from her with even more info! 

Listen in and learn about:

    • Coming to the US for work and becoming an incubation specialist because of her passion
    • Hatching eggs for herself and loving the process
    • The wow factor for adults and kids alike
    • How Brinsea entered the animal rescue arena
    • The difference between brooders and incubators
    • Brooders for home or hobbyists and up to the serious breeders
    • Why incubators can be a better option
    • Timing it right for slipping an egg into a nest
    • Candling to peek into the egg’s growth
    • How to start raising birds
    • Turning the eggs – automatically is easier
    • Why turning is important
    • A great starting point for school children
    • How the timing of egg laying works for the chickens
    • Local resources for chicken eggs
    • The basic equipment needed to hatch and raise chicks
    • What to expect while during the incubation process
    • How to know when you are done incubating
    • When to take the hatched chicks out of the incubator
    • Setting up the brooder for the new chicks
    • Helpful advice to start off and gain confidence
    • Amazingly helpful resources available online at their website

As well as:

Her failure – Prematurely helping a struggling chick

Her success – Sharing this passion and helping people understand the process of hatching eggs

Her drive – Designing better products to meet what people want

Her advice – Never ever give up!

Pascale’s post on our Blog

How to Hatch Eggs

Pascale’s Book recommendations:          

Nest Birds and Incubators by Charles Deeming

How to reach Pascale:        

Website: Brinsea.com


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