377: Dale Spoonemore on Easier Home Gardening and Farming.

Bringing gardening knowledge to your fingertips.

Dale and his family converted their urban Oklahoma backyard into a food farm to feed their family and built the “From Seed to Spoon” mobile app that makes it easy for others to do the same. The app will guide you through planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking over 70 different foods with information customized for your location. Dale and his family live in Oklahoma City with their four children.  You can learn more about them on their From Seed to Spoon social media pages and on their website at seedtospoon.net

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In This Podcast:

A necessity to become more mindful and eat the healthier foods he needed led Dale Spoonemore to the garden. It did not take long for him to get hooked on the flavors of homegrown vegetables.  Then a conversation in line waiting to vote alerted him for a need to make it easier to garden. This inspired him to teach himself coding to write an app that is going to bring success to many more new gardeners.  His passion and drive continue to build this mobile tool, and his family are big parts of the whole project.


Listen in and learn about:

    • Having a light-bulb moment about his health and being around to parent his kids
    • “I lost 129 lbs, but I did it the wrong way!”
    • Realizing that anxiety and depression were issues he needed to address
    • Starting a garden to grow the foods he wanted to eat
    • Tasting food out of the garden and getting hooked on the flavors and added nutrition
    • Noticing not having panic attacks after he started gardening
    • Needing square foot gardening and other data at his fingertips
    • The change in his garden can be seen at www.seedtospoon.com
    • Finding the garden gurus that peaked his interest
    • Studying particle physics so he could garden better
    • Some of the challenges he has dealt with
    • Changing his sourcing to make sure he knows what is going into the soils
    • Getting overwhelmed while waiting to take his turn to vote, and then meeting people who were interested in gardening
    • Being inspired to learn how to code to create an app for easier gardening
    • Making it a family project
    • A breakdown of what the app offers, dates for planting, veggie specific details, companion plants, pests, beneficial insects, and gardening recommendations
    • He is working on a section for pest identification that will involve a full database
    • Why the From Seed to Spoon app is free, how to support them, and how is mantra is to help people and make a difference

As well as:

His failure – how he handled the loss of 129 lbs, and when he was chasing money

His success – his kids, as they are better people than he is

His drive – his kids first, then a sense of responsibility to do something

His advice – google mindfulness – focus on something that is happening in the current moment and appreciate what is around you

Dale’s Book recommendations:    

The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs by Stephen Ilardi

How to reach Dale: 

Website:  www.seedtospoon.net

Garden Planner Mobile App: From Seed To Spoon

Facebook: @seedtospoon

Instagram: @fromseedtospoon

Email: dale@seedtospoon.net


Note: You can also find these books mentioned above at one of our favorite local independent bookstores and know that you are supporting a small business.

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