364: Roza Ferdowsmakan on Farm-to-Table Experiences.

Enjoying a good meal cooked with great food.

Roza’s goal is to change the way people connect with food, with their communities, and with the earth. As a tech company founder, she created a community-driven, farm-to-table mobile app called bites which launched officially in February of 2018. She also developed two new, related film projects as well as a mural project promoting farm-to-table experiences.

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Foodie + chef is an indie film series, where she interviews chefs while they hang out in her kitchen and give her a farm-to-table dining experience. Farm Talk is another indie film series, featuring tours of local farms with conversations about who they are, how they do what they do, and what the farmers grow.  

In This Podcast:

When you are passionate about getting a good meal from locally grown farms into your home, and you have some technology experience, and you are community minded, it is likely that you’d create your own app to make this happen for others. After you are done, why not make short films about some of these experiences? Roza has developed an app to create Farm-to-Table experiences for the benefit of foodies, chefs and farmers; then she created a film series allowing others to have a sample taste of what the experience is like.  We learn why this is an ethos driven app, and how this is helping the three key players in a great meal.


Listen in and learn about:

    • Putting together projects to bring awareness about the ecosystem of Farm-to-Table food
    • How the bites app and the film series help people experience the farm-to-table experience
    • What the farm-to-table experience is
    • How chefs and farmers participate
    • One special chef that really stood out to her and how he saw himself as a conduit sharing the flavors of the bounty of the earth
    • How to find the Foodie + Chef series at www.bites.mobi
    • More about Farm Talk
    • Plans to leave The Valley of the Sun and beyond Arizona
    • How this is an ethos driven app and what that means
    • What happens when a foodie signs up for a meal
    • How this ends up being more cost effective than going out
    • Farmer interview with Farmer Frank that stands out for her
    • A bit about a mural she helped initiate on a wall in her community

As well as:

    • Her advice: Start with the question of “why?” to help drive your path forward
    • Her drive: She is interested in moving the community-as-a-whole towards our human connectedness and connection to the earth.

How to reach Roza, her app and her film series:

To download bites.mobi from your app store

Website: bites.mobi


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