351: Lisa Ziegler on Urban Farming with Flowers.

Growing florals for a farming business.

Lisa is a cut-flower farmer, author, and speaker on organic cut-flower gardening.  She has been farming since 1998 in Southeastern Virginia on the Ziegler family homestead.  In season this urban three-acre farm produces thousands of stems of flowers and an abundance of vegetables weekly.

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Lisa has sold her flowers to florists and supermarkets, and at farmer’s markets and her members-only farm market. She loves sharing the experiences she gathers from day-to-day life on the farm. So, in recent years she has started leading hands-on training on the farm for flower farmers and everyday ‘flower junkies’!

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In This Podcast:

She married her husband for all the right reasons of course and everything was going well.  Then later Lisa Ziegler realized also got the bonus of the land and equipment she needed for the dream career she did not know she wanted.  Now Lisa is a flower farmer on a small farm in the middle of a city and loves it so much she teaches the basics of this career path to others. She recommends this as a great side business for anyone who likes gardening.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Marrying her husband and starting off with everything she needed for a dream she did not know she had
  • Running her flower farming business in the middle of city with all the limitations on such
  • Celebrating her 20th year of flower farming
  • Some of the mentors she has had over the years
  • Soil blocking as the “most awesome” way to start seeds
  • The benefits of starting a seed before transplanting to the garden
  • Realizing that the is a point where of having too much land to farm
  • Flower farming to make some extra income
  • The path to writing her new book
  • Teaming up with a fabulous photographer
  • Flower crowns and why everyone can feel safe on her farm
  • Helping people get started flower farming
  • Growing hairy balls – do not google these
  • What a visitor will see at the flower farm
  • Adjusting to the changing neighborhood

As well as:

  • Her failure – Going too large and almost burning out
  • Her success – When she went pesticide free and saw so much more life in the garden
  • Her drive – Seeing all her plants bloom and recognizing that she grew all of it from seeds
  • Her advice – You don’t have to have a large farm to do this – this industry is growing in the states

Books written by Lisa:

Lisa’s Book recommendations:     

Producer’s Note: A link to Jessica’s podcast on bugs

How to reach Lisa:  

Website: thegardenersworkshop.com



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