322: Henry Rowlands on Pesticide Awareness and Testing.

Checking for the presence of pesticides in our food.

 Henry was raised on a family-run, organic sheep farm in Wales.  This led to his deep interest in issues related to sustainable agriculture, and he worked for a time as a news agency journalist in many countries across Europe.  He eventually moved on to set up Sustainable Pulse, a global news source focusing on sustainable agriculture and food, with a readership of over 500,000 people per month from over 125 countries.  He is also an adviser on sustainable agriculture to several governments in the European Union.

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Beyond their news platform, Sustainable Pulse is involved in several reference projects, all of which have the aim of educating the public on the problems surrounding the overuse of pesticides.  Henry is the Project Director for their program called The Detox Project, which has set up a unique testing platform for pesticide in both food and our bodies across America.

In This Podcast:

A youth spent on an organic sheep farm, and early adulthood spent traveling as a journalist led Henry Rowlands to the development of Sustainable Pulse – a news source dedicated to informing on sustainable agriculture. He now leads up the Detox Project which helps increase awareness of pesticide exposure in our foods and our bodies, and is spreading the word about a testing process that can determine pesticide levels in foods or bodies.  This is information that can be used to help determine the toxicity of chemicals in use today.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up on a sheep farm in Wales
  • Traveling as a journalist
  • Getting back into sustainable agriculture when GMO crops became an issue in Bulgaria
  • Realizing there was no news source focusing on sustainable agriculture, and creating Sustainable Pulse
  • Developing sources and resources on GMO, pesticides, and sustainable agriculture
  • Pesticide testing and labs that would test for glyphosate
  • Getting results to the public with independent research
  • The value of the information about pesticides in our bodies
  • Where this testing is taking place
  • Detox Project and why the samples are important
  • Helping future generations
  • How to get testing done
  • Testing foods and determining if pesticides are present in foods
  • Certification for testing organic crops to show amounts of pesticides
  • Alternatives to herbicides or pesticides
  • Bringing solutions to the discussion table

As well as:

  • His failure – concentrating on the problem of glyphosate and not solutions to help farmers
  • His success – enabling the public to do self-testing
  • His drive – trying to fight against injustice
  • His advice – start educating yourself about glyphosate and other pesticides, and test yourself and your family to find the truth about your exposure

Henry’s Book recommendations: 

Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science by Carey Gillam

How to reach Henry:

Websites: www.detoxproject.org and www.sustainablepulse.com



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