309: Lisa Steele on Hatching Chicks and Raising Chickens.

Getting ready to raise chickens from eggs with your kids.

Lisa is a 5th-generation chicken keeper, top-selling author and the creative mind behind the Better Homes & Gardens award-winning blog Fresh Eggs Daily® (www.fresheggsdaily.com). Lisa inspires both the newcomer as well as the seasoned chicken keeper and engages fans worldwide on her Facebook page of the same name with her easy, fun and accessible approach to raising backyard flocks naturally. She is the author of several books and has a new one for kids coming out 1st Quarter 2018 called Let’s Hatch Chicks by Voyager Press.

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In This Podcast:

Raising chickens for eggs has been a joy of Fresh Eggs Daily author Lisa Steele for quite some time. so it was naturally inevitable for her to write a book about raising chickens from eggs too. She tells us how she decided to write a book for kids and why it is so special.  She also shares some tips and techniques for making the transition to raising the chicks from eggs and how to introduce new chicks to your flock.


Listen in and learn about:

  • What she has been doing since we last spoke with her
  • Her excitement to work on this book with the illustrator
  • The progression of a first batch of chicks or chickens to starting hatching eggs yourself

  • The informative story line that the book follows
  • The difference between raising eggs under a chicken vs, under a heat lamp
  • A cool tip for introducing chicks to your brooding hen

  • Some key steps that are necessary while caring for chickens
  • The benefits of handling chicks from a young age
  • Feeding chickens, especially since they need the nutrients to lay healthy eggs

  • Soldier flies as a supplement for chickens
  • Advice for newbies to take as they start raising chickens
  • Knowing which breed of chicken to get for your farm

  • Where to get chicks and how chicks get to feed stores

Books written by Lisa:

Let’s Hatch Chicks!: Explore the Wonderful World of Chickens and Eggs


Gardening with Chickens: Plans and Plants for You and Your Hens

Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally

Duck Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Ducks…Naturally

Lisa’s Other Episodes on our Podcast:

Episode 8: Lisa Steele on Fresh Eggs Daily

Episode 224: Lisa Steel on Gardening with Chickens

How to reach Lisa:

Website: www.FreshEggsDaily.com

Facebook: Fresh Eggs Daily

Twitter: @fresheggsdaily

Instagram: @fresheggsdaily

Email: Lisa@fresheggsdaily.com


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