267: Jim Thebaut on Food, Water and National Security.

Addressing the impact water scarcity will have on food resources at a national level.

Jim is a former Regional Environmental Planner and was responsible for numerous Environmental Impact Statements, and Planning Studies in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. He is currently president and CEO of The Chronicles Group, a not-for-profit corporation focusing on educating the public through media about profound issues that affect both human and ecological systems He has written, produced and directed an array of prominent, socially significant productions, including “The Iceman Tapes,” A&E’s “Bad Cops,” and “Execution at Midnight.”

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His environmentally focused pieces include “Running Dry” a documentary regarding the worsening global humanitarian water crisis, along with its follow up “The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?” and  “Beyond the Brink” a film on how food shortages like the one in California’s San Joaquin Valley will lead to a National Security Threat (to be released Fall 2017).

In This Podcast:

Filmmaker and environmental planner Jim Thebaut has been working hard to educate others about serious issues involving the water-food nexus which can have a major impact on national security.  Although his upcoming film is regionally based, the consequences can have tremendous reach.  His message can be applied to any area and needs to be considered by all policy makers as they are faced with decisions that have lasting impacts.

Listen in and learn about:

  • His background and how he wrote the very first environmental impact statement
  • How he moved into the film business
  • A bit about the documentaries he has produced
  • The path back to environmental issues with his recent documentaries
  • How he found the story behind Tapped Out and where he went for the interviews
  • The impact this film had with U.S. Foreign policy
  • Some concerns with water scarcity
  • How drought conditions are affecting food resources
  • The impact of fire suppression efforts in forests for major watershed areas
  • Science, population, and policy issues
  • Water in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Focusing on the water and food nexus
  • Economic ramifications of water scarcity
  • A call to respect and protect the agriculture industry
  • More about Beyond the Brink and his goals to release the film starting in California
  • How the water issue in California affects the nation and beyond

As well as:

  • His failure – Being in the film business provides many opportunities to struggle
  • His success – Being an educator and doing these documentaries
  • His drive – Trying to make a positive difference on public policy
  • His advice – Reach out and be part of the dialog, make these issues a priority

Films produced by Jim:

  • “The Iceman Tapes – Conversations with a Killer.”  
  • “Bad Cops” – A&E
  • “Execution at Midnight.” – A&E’s 
  • “A Deadly Business,” Thebaut was the executive producer for the CBS television dramatic special which exposed organized crime’s involvement in the toxic waste business.
  • “The Cold War and Beyond” – PBS –  explored the Cold War brinksmanship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. 
  • “Running Dry”  – Documentary regarding the worsening global humanitarian water crisis. 
  • “The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry?” – Featuring narration from Emmy® Award-winning actress Jane Seymour,

Jim’s Book recommendations:      

Design with Nature by Ian L McHarg

Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About It by Paul Simon

How to reach Jim:   

Websites: ChroniclesGroup.org and www.RunningDry.org

Email: JamesThebaut@msn.com


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  1. I own no farm ground but was farm raised there for i am an American farmer and i fill like this is for me to jump into and help grow back our for fathers heratage one seedling at a time or by the truck loads .

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