253: Tony Kasowski on Farm Trippin.

Traveling across several states and profiling examples of amazing farms.

Tony is Co-Founder and Principal Farmer at St Vincent de Paul Urban Farms in Phoenix, Arizona. The agricultural division to the charity provides food production, education, and revenue generation, and has produced over one hundred thousand pounds of fresh food to feed the working needy and homeless through five dining rooms in Arizona. The farm is also responsible for mitigating over one million pounds of food and landscape material through its composting initiatives.

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Tony is also the founder of GrowKale.com where he consults, educates, designs and builds ecological and chemical free edible spaces. His current project, Farm trippin is a cross country road trip showcasing ways to grow food mindfully, while featuring the individuals and their stories behind the farms. He will be sharing the journey through his website Farmtrippin.com and his informative Instagram @Tonygrowsfood.  

In This Podcast:

Chatting with friends on his social media about their farming activities and garden projects got to the point where Tony Kasowski decided he needed to just go see some of those farms and gardens for himself.  We hear his plans for this summer, when he is going on a road trip to see farms, where he will learn new things and share some knowledge & skills along the way.  The cool part is that he is going to share the adventure with the rest of his social media friends.

Listen in and learn about:

  • The new awesome things happening at the St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm with a million-dollar grant
  • How his conversations with other farmers on social media is leading him to a road trip to see farms
  • Getting sponsors to help him on this trip
  • His trip starting July 10 through the Southern United States
  • New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida
  • Then on the East Coast
  • Maryland, North Carolina, then through Bible belt, to Colorado, and back to Arizona
  • His rescue dog Green Bean, who is going with him
  • A farm in Texas that he is going to visit
  • A compost company in Austin – Joe’s Organics
  • Farms in New Orleans he wants to see including – Sun Harvest Kitchen and Garden, The Covenant Farms, Little Sparrow Farm
  • Looking for farms in Alabama
  • TenSpeed Greens and the produce delivery service on bikes in Gainesville, Florida
  • A community garden in Orlando
  • A Miami project helping homeless families call Verdi Garden
  • A visit to Georgia
  • Hey mom – he’s coming to Maryland!!
  • Visiting Sena in her new place in North Carolina Producer’s note: Here is the link to Sena Kassim’s Podcast on Worms
  • There is so much more possible on this trip and you can email him
  • How there is so much growth in organic and home farms 
  • Some tips on dealing with pests
  • Soil health tips and why the natural processes are important Producer’s note: Here is the link to Elaine Ingham’s Podcast on Life in the soil

How to reach Tony:

Website: Farmtrippin.com 

Instagram: @Tonygrowsfood


Producer’s note: Here is the link to Tony’s Podcast on Charitable Growing

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