219: Jennifer Osuch on Fundamentals of Self Reliance.

Teaching back to basics food preparation and preserving skills.

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Jennifer Osuch photoJennifer is the author of the Preparedness Planner series, lead teacher at the online Self Reliant School, host of the weekly live Self Reliant Living Show, and a homeschooling mom. She is dedicated to teaching back-to-basics food preparation and preserving skills that help people eat healthy, save money, live greener and be prepared for anything.
Jennifer and her husband turned to the old-school basics when they found themselves in mountains of debt, two of their three boys suffering from asthma and allergies, and she, herself, struggling for years with her own weight management. She knows from experience that eating real food when you’re watching every penny is not easy, and trying to put healthy food into storage is almost impossible.
Jennifer, her husband and her three teenage boys live in Texas. She is on a mission to save the knowledge and wisdom of our grandparents, and to help people apply it to their lives today.

In This Podcast:

Jennifer tells about the importance of self-reliance skills and why they are becoming needed once again. She explains what led her to this place in her life where she teaches some of these old traditions that traditional homesteaders relied on daily.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Struggling with money and getting a scary diagnosis from her son’s doctor
  • Looking for answers to why her son got sick and narrowing in on food as a management tool
  • Noticing the power of food with the symptoms
  • One of the first food elimination choices that she tried
  • Her experience with a plant-based diet and why they added some meats back
  • Being a ‘homesteader’ in a suburban area
  • Why she considers herself a homesteader
  • Why they advocate the concept of Contributing to a self-reliant community
  • The classes that they teach offering skills that are not common today
  • The self-reliant video series that they offer
  • How she is still learning and loves it
  • Her live show the Self-Reliant Living Show
  • Some of her favorite guests and what they offered for her show
  • Her three step suggestions about how to start

As well as:

  • Her failure – Becoming vegetarian then vegan, and then realizing that the vegan diet was not going to work for her health and needing to make that change with her family
  • Her success – Her children and raising them in the homeschool environment
  • Her drive – Her children!
  • Her advice – Just keep going.

Books by Jennifer:

Preparedness Planner Series

Jennifer’s Book recommendations: 

The Bible

How to reach Jennifer:         

Website: www.selfreliantschool.com


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