204: Vanessa Sardi on Farm over Pharma.

Learning how to prevent health issues through achievable diet changes.

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Vanessa SardiVanessa is Certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a unique perspective on health and wellness. She has a Master’s degree in Cardiopulmonary Physiology, a bachelor’s in Sports Medicine, clinical work in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and research/sales positions in pharmaceutical and gene expression testing.  Vanessa has a passion for nutrition & helping others to live healthy, fueled by her background and consistent studies. 
When Vanessa realized that “more pills” wasn’t the answer to better health, she walked away from her cushy salary as an Executive Sales Rep for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to start her own business, Nutriception®.  As a Certified Health and Nutrition coach, she is now driven to help people get off their meds, many of which she promoted herself, and improve their health via a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle. Vanessa’s slogan says it all…FARM over PHARMA

In This Podcast:

Greg finds another EPIC moment in this interview with Vanessa, who tells why she decided to stop selling pharmaceutical drugs and instead is focusing on preventing issues through teaching about healthy diet choices. Tired of feeling like she was adding to problems, she wanted to be part of the solution and she went out and found a way to do just that.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Her path towards medical school after losing her grandfather to cardiovascular disease
  • The detour to vascular physiology and cardiac rehab
  • Another detour into the pharmaceutical sales industry
  • The Forks over Knives documentary that changed everything for her
  • Her realization that she was part of the problem and she wanted to be part of the solution
  • Getting a health coaching certificate and helping others
  • A study of the standard diet
  • At what point in an American’s life they need to eat to reverse damage rather than just eat to prevent damage
  • Dealing with health and emotional issues
  • Confronting “fat-thoughts” and “monkey mind” obstacles
  • Why she started focusing on the cause of disease instead of helping doctors treat symptoms
  • The programs that she developed to help people change their eating styles
  • Why she teaches people to avoid the center aisles
  • Her advice to make a list before going to the store and don’t buy anything that is not on the list
  • Why she does not trust the front cover of food boxes and insists that the ingredient lists are much more important
  • How her experiences help her relate to her clients

As well as:

  • Her failure – The time she got the flu shot and got Guillain–Barré syndrome and the advice that her father gave her that helped her find peace and beat the course of the disease
  • Her success – The moment she decided to choose life over death and got help for the anorexia she was fighting
  • Her drive – the knowledge that people are suffering so much and that is so much is unnecessary and there is a simple solution to much of it
  • Her advice – Watch Forks over Knives!

Vanessa’s Book recommendations: 


How to reach Vanessa:         

Website: Nutriception.net

Email: vanessa@nutriception.net

Phone: 219-237-8466

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