189: Manuel Gonzalez on Innovation in Food and Agriculture.

Pitching food and agriculture related business ideas to potential investors.

Manuel GonzalezManuel is the North America Head of StartUp Innovation, where he leads the growth of their start-up platform build through FoodBytes! and new Accelerator, Terra. At the same time, he focuses on developing plans around how relationships with startup firms can benefit corporate clients. Manuel has been Head of the San Francisco Office of StartUp Innovation at Rabobank since 2012, where he led a process that greatly strengthened relationships with corporate clients in the Western Region of the US.
He joined Rabobank in 1996 as a project manager. In 2003, he was named Head of Credit, and a year later became Head of Credit and Legal. Manuel was appointed Deputy General Manager in 2007, and just a year later promoted to General Manager in 2008.
Under his leadership, the Mexico franchise significantly strengthened business performance, achieving considerable increases in revenue, cross-sell and net income. Manuel was instrumental in building a strong local investment banking team, and in fostering a high-performance culture focused on enhancing client relationships.

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