Farmer Greg under a tree

595: Defining What is Modern Homesteading

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes – Greg invites Brian Wells, host of The Homestead Journey Podcast, to share with us how he defines what it means to be a homesteader. Brian describes homesteading as a lifestyle that has evolved into the modern era where its definition depends…

181: Quita Jackson on Thrifty Self Sufficiency

Being green is all about having less of a negative impact on the planet and here Greg chats with Quita who has fully adopted a new lifestyle and loves helping others find their way into it as well. Quita tells how she got the courage to start gardening, and how that gave her confidence to try new ways to become self-sufficient even while living in a major city. Her encouraging attitude and caring nature helps as she spreads the word about little steps people can take in their own lives.