514: Brad Lancaster about Harvesting the Rain.

540: Brad Lancaster on Planting the Rain.

Teaching about the personal and community benefits of harvesting rainwater. – In This Podcast: Returning guest, Brad Lancaster, recently taught us about Harvesting the Rain and is back to teach about Planting the Rain. If you’ve ever considered capturing rainwater directly in your landscape…

514: Brad Lancaster about Harvesting the Rain.

514: Brad Lancaster about Harvesting the Rain.

Maximizing the benefit of rainwater for both personal and community use. – In This Podcast: Have you ever considered capturing free water for your landscape? Brad Lancaster has pioneered rainwater harvesting in Tucson, AZ and around the world. He teaches how to reinvest rainwater into…

466: Shannon McBride on Successful Community Collaboration

Bringing residents, local government, and businesses together to build an epic garden and so much more. — In This Podcast: The area Shannon McBride grew up in had experienced a tumultuous change when the Phoenix light rail was built right down the middle of it. Instead of allowing herself or her neighbors to get angry, she decided to build a collaboration for the area. Building around a vision for a safe, walkable community, she started…

190: Grace Gershuny on The Organic Revolution

Greg is impressed when he gets a chance to talk with Grace who tells about being part of the early organic food movement and her part in writing the first standards for organic food regulation. Her story is important for anyone who is interested in being active in writing food policy for our legislators.