528: Jane Rabinowicz on Global Seed Work.

Transforming the food systems of the world through good seeds and sustainable practices.

In This Podcast:

Did you know that seeds help communities rebuild after a crisis? Here, we speak with Jane Rabinowicz about her work with the Canadian organization SeedChange. Their support for grassroots projects, farmers across the world, and global seed policy impact everyone worldwide. Listen in for how the organization began, how they protect seed diversity and work with local agriculture to preserve endangered plant varieties through seed saving.

Our Guest:

528: Jane Rabinowicz on Global Seed Work.Jane was appointed as an Executive Director of SeedChange in 2016, after joining the organization in 2011.  Jane has dedicated her career to community-led change. She is co-founder of the Silver Dollar Foundation and serves on the Board of Directors of Tides Canada.  Jane was named one of the 53 most influential people in Canada’s food system by The Globe and Mail, and one of Canada’s leading women changing the way we eat by Châtelaine Magazine.

Listen in and learn about:

    • The SeedChange Organization
    • How seeds allow communities to rebuild after a crisis
    • SeedChange’s global seed program and how they work with farmers to research seed diversity
    • Saving plant varieties that are endangered
    • How seeds impact everyone even if they don’t know it
    • The impact of grassroots seed projects
    • Seed genetic diversity and why it’s important

As well as:

Her failure – When she feels like she let people down, the process is as important as the outcome.

Her success – Helping to steward diverse groups to collectively create change.

Her drive – Doing what she can with the time she has to make a difference.

Her advice – Find joy in the tough stuff.

Jane’s Book recommendations*:

A Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliott 

Jane’s blog post:

Jane’s Favorite Vegetable

How to reach Jane:

Website: www.weseedchange.org

Facebook:  SeedChange

Twitter: @weseedchangeorg

Instagram: Jane_Rabinowic weseedchangeorg

Email: jrabinowicz@weseedchange.org


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