472: Angela Neyland on Permaculture Homestead.

Focusing on sustainable growing practices on 20-acres down under.

In This Podcast:

We meet Angela Neyland as she tells us why an old TV comedy series influenced her and how she found permaculture. With this foundation, she shares the journey that led her and her husband to start a permaculture based homestead. She describes her property and some of the challenges they have overcome so far as well as her future plans for the property.

Our Guest:

Angela is an Australian 34-year-old mother and part-time university research officer who holds a PhD in Australian Aboriginal archaeology. She and her husband Danial own Loganberry Forest, a permaculture homestead in rural Victoria Australia where she recently started a small heirloom seed business for her homegrown seeds online.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Meeting her husband and living in the desert of Australia
    • Being inspired by the ‘70s British comedy series The Good Life
    • Researching gardening and finding permaculture

“Permaculture is a philosophy that doesn’t just apply to gardening… It is a lifestyle philosophy that looks to nature for inspiration … earth care, people care, and fair share”

    • Her husband was not interested until he found some videos online
    • They got her Permaculture Design Certificate together
    • The key elements of what they looked for in their first property
    • Moving to Victoria to settle with all the resources they needed not too far away
    • Some of the challenges they faced and the vegetation considerations for their location
    • Using a chicken tractor to reduce their reliance on the lawnmower
    • The fruit trees on their property
    • Breaking down what a Permaculture Design Course is 
    • She has many examples to draw from
    • How the name came from for Loganberry Forest
    • Her seed business and how this is helping
    • A 10% off seeds offer for Australian listeners at LoganberryForest.com.au use code: UrbanFarmPodcast

As well as:

Her failure– planting a garden with minimal prep against the invasive grass in the area

Her success– creating a greenhouse on the property

Her drive– Gardening as a therapy. Cooking with fresh ingredients, and environmental sustainability

Her advice–  Go slow and steady, so you can learn from your mistakes. Keep records of your progress. Be part of your community.

 Angela’s Book recommendations:

“Retrosuburbia: The Downshifter’s Guide to a Resilient Future” by David Holmgren

 How to reach Angela:        

Website: LoganberryForest.com.au

Instagram: @Loganberry Forest

Facebook: @LoganberryForest

YouTube Channel: Loganberry Forest Permaculture Homestead


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