430: Lee Perry on Fleet Farming

Helping urban farmers grow food in other people’s yards.

Podcast 430: Lee Perry on Fleet FarmingLee Perry is currently the Fleet Farming Director, which is her passion occupation.  She has her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Central Florida. Seasonally, she teaches children at an ecology camp at the Ed Yarborough Geneva Wilderness Area and was on the board of the Cuplet Fern Native Plant Society.

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Fleet Farming has a mission to empower all generations to grow food to increase local food accessibility. Their program minimizes the ecological footprint of agriculture by converting lawns into micro-farms and increasing fresh produce accessibility while training the next generation of American farmers.   To Lee, Fleet Farming is a true solution to shift our culture and change the cycle of food.

In This Podcast:

Lee Perry passionately shares the progress of the Fleet Farming movement and how it is strengthening Florida communities. This collective farming movement is an awesome way for gardening novices and interns to get hands-on gardening education while helping the community. Listen in to learn more about this fun, positive community experience, how it converts lawns to edible landscapes, and how you can get involved!  

Listen in and learn about:

    • How many miles the average plate of food travels  
    • How depression fueled her to begin Fleet Farming 
    • Her drive to give back to the planet and its people 
    • Her “Ah-Ha” moment when she realized the potential in the fleet farming movement 
    • How to ask the right questions and enlist experts when starting a project 
    • Reaching full potential through positivity and having fun 
    • The daily choice to be happy 
    • Fleet farming as a fun, active, healthy community activity 
    • Strengthening all types of communities through gardening 
    • The benefits of teaching farming and gardening to novices through hands-on volunteer experiences 
    • How they convert home lawns and community spaces to gardens 
    • Their edible landscape services and education projects 
    • The kind of energy that changes the world 
    • The future of fleet farming 
    • The need to shift our shopping so we food shop our back yards 
    • How you can get involved in fleet farming 

As well as: 

Her failure Little failures happen every day, but figuring out the right way to engage a variety of communities has been a learning curve. 

Her success The culture shift that fleet farming is driving as they bring awareness and desire to have an edible landscape.  

Her drive Always wanting more for the people, animals, and ecology in her city.  

Her advice Don’t give up! 

Lee’s Book recommendations:

The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased and Borrowed Land by Curtis Stone 

How to reach Lee: 

Website: www.fleetfarming.org 

Facebook: @Fleet Farming 

Instagram: @FleetFarming 

Twitter: @FleetFarming 

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