344: Jennifer Pratt on Easy Garden Spacing.

Making simplified gardening even easier.

Jen is an entrepreneur and inventor. After a frustrating first attempt at growing a family garden, she and her husband saw the need for a tool that would simplify the process of both planting and tending their vegetable garden – and felt that the proper spacing of seeds was the ticket.  And they were right! Now, after crowd funding, patents and a few more gardens under her belt, she’s here to tell us her story and share more on the tool that is changing the way people grow food.

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In This Podcast:

New at gardening, the lackluster results of their first garden could have turned them off, but Jennifer Pratt and her husband decided there was an easier way.  Using their need for a simpler method of spacing seeds in the garden, they designed a guide to do the measuring for them.  This new tool is so easy to use that even Mel Bartholomew called to tell them how much he liked it. A kickstarter program has helped launched this simple idea into a new business for them.


Listen in and learn about:

  • Their first adventures in gardening and the lackluster results
  • Looking for a tool that could help
  • Creating a template that helped them plant appropriately
  • Being surprised at how much produce they got
  • How their tool works
  • Having seeds get planted too close and how she overcame it
  • Getting to talk with Mel Bartholomew
  • Getting into schools and helping kids learn about gardening
  • Using the square in conjunction with local planting calendars
  • Targeting all gardeners, especially new gardeners
  • How to use the seeding square for larger plants and larger gardens
  • Starting her business and the kickstarter program
  • Starting off as an entrepreneur
  • A pivotal moment – the first garden that did not go as planned
  • How to find a place to buy her seeding square

As well as:

  • Her failure – the first garden that went so poorly
  • Her success – the first garden with their tool, making this seeding square business work
  • Her drive – being an entrepreneur
  • Her advice – what ever your dreams are, go for it – you only get one shot at life, why don’t you make it EPIC

Jennifer’s Book recommendations:         

Producer’s note: Whenever we can, we will be trying to support local businesses.  As a result, if a link is available for a particular book mentioned by a guest, we will offer it for Changing Hands Bookshop.

How to reach Jennifer:       

Website: www.seedingsquare.com

Email: jennifer@seedingsquare.com


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