Bonus Episode 12: Kerry Audisho on the Tour De Coops.

A chat about organizing a tour of backyard chicken farms.


In This BONUS Podcast:

We chat with Kerry Audisho about an upcoming Tour de Coops in Phoenix, and she helps us understand what this event is and why it is something every city should have. She tells us about how she got involved in running the Tour de Coops and how she is ready to help other cities start their own. We also learn about Easter Eggers, the benefits of chickens, a garden program for kids, and getting kids to try Swiss Chard then ask for seconds.

Kerry is a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach, founder of Your Farm Foods, Friending Farmers, and the non-profit organization Garden Play. She has been a practicing health coach since 2011, and on the health seeking journey for over 15 years.

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In Garden Play, she and her team establish and maintain gardens in schools, as well as teach students how to garden, about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and how to prepare the foods they grow. Garden Play is also the organizer for the Phoenix Tour De Coops taking place on March 25th 2018.



  • How her new nonprofit Your Farm Foods is organizing a tour de coops for the Phoenix Area
  • The history of the Phoenix Tour de Coops and how it made its way to Kerry’s group
  • The Easter Egger chicken
  • What a tour de coop is and what the participants get to see
  • Why chickens are important, their benefits
  • An HOA that used Chickens to control chickens in their common area
  • Helping others to start a Tour de Coops in their own city
  • Home grown versus sore bought eggs
  • Chickens are not vegetarians
  • More about Garden Play program for kids
  • Getting kids at one school to try Swiss Chard and asking for seconds
  • Special experience with a young boy who had been experiencing migraine headaches

Kerry’s Advice:

If you think you have a black thumb, know that there is no such thing!

How to reach Kerry:


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