336: Susan Poizner on Fruit Tree Care Training.

Helping the community plant fruit trees successfully.

 Susan is an urban orchardist in Toronto, Canada and the author of the award-winning fruit tree care book “Growing Urban Orchards” as well as the creator of an award-winning, online fruit tree care training course. In her in-person and online workshops, Susan has trained hundreds of students from across North America. Her students include Master Gardeners, arborists, and people who are completely new to gardening and fruit tree care.

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IF that was not enough, Susan is the host and creator of The Urban Forestry Radio Show and Podcast on RealityRadio101.com and an Instructor of Fruit Production Program at Niagara College in Ontario.

In This Podcast:

We catch up with Returning Guest Susan Poizner as she shares more about fruit tree care and the training that she offers through her podcasts as well as the courses at Niagara College. She helps explain why pruning is important, especially when strong weather conditions come.  She has a lot of great information for anyone who is growing their own fruit trees.


Listen in and learn about:

  • Catching up since the last podcast and finding out about growing fruit trees
  • The community orchard that she started in her park
  • Finding out that the orchard books in her library were not applicable for her area
  • Reaching out to experts to learn more and taking workshops to learn what she needed
  • Getting invited to teach the fruit production course at Niagara College
  • More about what her book covers
  • Selecting a fruit tree for your area
  • Cultivars, Climate zone and chill hours
  • Disease resistance, harvest time
  • Pruning fruit trees and developing a relationship with your trees
  • Pruning for strength and resilience – especially in ice storms and other weather issues
  • The difference with high density pruning
  • Link to the Perfectly Pruned Peach tree at The Urban Farm
  • The topic she covers in her classes
  • Caring for young versus old fruit trees
  • Tree quiz app with monthly learning
  • Continuing education credits available
  • Her podcast with quizzes tree quiz app
  • Getting diagnosed with Lyme Disease and the changes she is dealing with
  • The importance of getting tested early and fighting to get it taken seriously

Books written by Susan:

Growing Urban Orchards

How to reach Susan:           

Website: www.orchardpeople.com


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