315: Leanne Phillips on Off-grid Natural Living.

Embracing simplicity and starting a new life.

Leanne, creator of Wisdom ooh Zivaat, is an organic lifestyle and holistic health Educator, and an inspired advocate for creating clean, deeply nourishing foods. She extends this into a full organic lifestyle and teaches classes in Living foods, Gardening, Essential oils and more.

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Wisdom ooh Zivaat is an off grid 34-acre Food forest/Full spectrum natural living demonstration that was born in January of 2017. Leanne feels that humanity is in an unnecessary place of stress and decay and that we are being called to embrace that aspect of ourselves that is simplicity and wisdom.

In This Podcast:

After spending some time completing an earthen building project and maintaining two mortgages and many of the standard life trappings, Leanne Phillips realized this was not the lifestyle she was looking for and decided to simplify.  She moved to a remote property off a 10-mile dirt road and started over without the infrastructure many people take for granted.  She tells how she got solar power set up, established a new well, and even planted 100 new fruit trees before those were done.  Her experiences are fortifying her classes that she teaches and her story telling helps to make it all really interesting!


Listen in and learn about:

  • Wanting to do an earthen building project in Cave Creek, AZ
  • Realizing that she wanted to do something else
  • Deciding to simplify and find a little warmer place and allow for off-grid living
  • Finding a place that had 10 miles of dirt road to access
  • Her goal to reduce her consumption to less than 1%
  • Learning new skills to prepare the land
  • Trying to plant over 100 new bare root fruit trees without any water on the property
  • Setting up a geothermal system to heat some living spaces
  • Her goal to have fresh food year round
  • Preparing her foods to reduce the stress in the plants and have healthier eating
  • Teaching a class called “21 reasons to grow your own food”
  • How her orchard is faring now
  • Using deer repellent and finding that it attracted cattle
  • What her property looks like
  • Her longterm vision for Wisdom ooh Zivaat
  • The special experiences she is having being there

How to reach Leanne:        

Website: wisdomculturelife.com

Leanne’s Previous Podcast:      

Episode 32: Life Energy Awakenings


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