Bonus Episode 8: Scottie Jones on City Life to Farm Life.

A chat with a farmer about her transition from the city girl. 

In This BONUS Podcast:

Returning guest Scottie Jones is back to talk about her new book and making a transition back to the simple life.  She shares a bit about how the inspiration came to write the story of this adventure to start farming.  She also tells why she opened her farm up to vacationers looking for a taste of the country life, and how that has helped her farm.  And, we get an excerpt reading from her new book!

Scottie lived in Arizona for a while where she worked at Arizona State University for over a decade.  Then she and her husband gave up the busy urban life by moving to Oregon, starting Leaping Lamb Farm and becoming sheep farmers. She loved this lifestyle very much and has opened her home to visiting families through her other passion of Farm Stays.  This journey and the transition to a farming lifestyle became the basis for her new book Country Grit, A Farmoir of Finding Purpose and Love through Skyhorse Publishing. It describes their first years on the farm: the mistakes, the drama, the community, and what it’s like to adopt the farming lifestyle if that’s not where you’re from.

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  • The inspiration behind starting the book
  • What a ‘farmoire’ is
  • The donkey in red boots
  • Finding her farm on the internet
  • The disconnect on the reality of farming
  • An excerpt reading
  • What is making her book special as a cautionary tale about the need for farming
  • Farm stays and ranch stays – vacations in farming
  • A book reading in Phoenix on October 29th

Books written by Scottie:

Country Grit: A Farmoir of Finding Purpose and Love

How to reach Scottie:         



Facebook: @leapinglambfarm

Producer’s notes:

Here is the link to Scottie Jones’s Podcast – #237.

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