287: Dani Replogle on Millenial Food Awareness.

Educating and empowering the upcoming generation to be part of their food system.

Dani is a second-year law student at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon. She fell in love with the sustainable food movement while working as an eighth-grade science teacher in Colorado and spending her Saturdays managing a stand at the Boulder Farmers Market. Dani spent the past summer working toward a sustainable food system model at Center for Food Safety, and will continue working for the public interest throughout the coming semester. When not reading textbooks, she spends her time climbing mountains, writing poetry, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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In This Podcast:

After working at a farmers market, volunteering on an educational farm, and as a middle school science teacher, Dani Replogle has found her way to law school. Now she studies environmental and food law  and has some insight on how millennials are taking part in local food, and food activism.  Her passion shows as she shares, and gives hope the next generation is paying attention to their food sourcing and care of the environment.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Getting involved in sustainable farming through her university classes
    • More about what “environmental ethics” means to her
    • Young people pursuing activism through atmospheric trust litigation
    • Pursuing her studies on environmental law and food law
    • How she got involved in sustainable farming
    • Working at the Boulder Farmers Market and MM Local as they took surplus food and turning it into viable products
    • Volunteering at Zanger Farm in Portland – an educational farm that helps the community
    • A food law issue she is focused on with industrial aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Explaining what the Dicamba disaster is and what is happening as a result
    • Teaching kids about sustainable food practices
    • What she sees is the future of food with the next generation
    • Why she thinks it is important to know your farmer
    • Her suggestions on how to get plugged into the local food system

As well as:

Her failure – Her first year of teaching, being unprepared and feeling frustrated that she could not get her messages across

Her success – Learning how to balance work and life

Her drive – Her three friends who are examples of beauty in human beings: Jeni who teaches in a special needs classroom who gives so much for her kids, Laura who is an agent of organizational and social change in mobile home communities, and Liz who is passionate about studying starfish

Her advice – Don’t worry so much about doing something that is out of the world extraordinary

Dani’s Book recommendations:   

Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins

How to reach Dani: 

Email:  replogled@lclark.edu


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