194: Kate Miller on Bioregional Herbal Medicine.

Sourcing herbs and plants for health from the local ecosystem.

Kate Miller mainKate is a bioregional community herbalist, medicinal herb grower, & Permaculture Design Teacher.  She is both formally trained and self-taught in the field of Permaculture Design, with focus on Dry-land Herb Farming, Herbal Medicine, Mountain Ecology, & Ethical Wildcrafting Practices.  And she is a Certified Herbalist from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder. 
Kate became interested in herbal medicine through years of dealing with chronic illness, including Lyme Disease, food allergies, & autoimmune issues.   Together with her partners Dawne and Stephanie, she runs the bioregional & biodynamic focused herbal product company, Dynamic Roots High Altitude Herbals.

In This Podcast:

Greg interviews Kate, an herbalist with a focus on healing her community.  She tells how she found her calling in herbalism and becoming a partner in an herbal product company and she explains why ethical harvesting of herbs is so important.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Growing up in rural Idaho with eco-conscious parents
  • Her mom’s community garden
  • The community of gardeners she has grown up with and learned from
  • Feeling depressed when she left college and then studying herbalism
  • Finding Dynamic roots and starting there with an internship and becoming a partner
  • Her definition of permaculture
  • Herbal Medicine – a trending industry and the implications for wild medicinal plants
  • How she uses wildcrafting to collect from nature
  • How ethical harvesting is important
  • Herbal medicine and the basic of herbs for health
  • Why it is considered risky to purchase herbs on the open market
  • Community supported herbalism – CSH
  • The greenhouse and how that is expanding their production even at high altitudes
  • What to do as a consumer to support best practices for the earth
  • Best herbs to grow for the new herb gardener
  • How to start growing elderberries
  • Her definition of bio-dynamic
  • Harvesting with the full moon and why that makes a difference

As well as:

  • Her failure – Trying to do everything and losing momentum because of burn-out
  • Her success – Starting to grow herbs and teaching others how to grow herbs to take care of themselves
  • Her drive – The fact that the earth and all its creatures need healing, and getting to know the healing plants gives a personal sense of agency
  • Her advice – Start with one plant and get to know that plant

Kate’s Book recommendations:       

The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer: The Ultimate Guide to Producing High-Quality Herbs on a Market Scale by Jeff and Melanie Carpenter

Biodynamic Gardening

Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

How to reach Kate:   






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  1. Sourcing herbs and plants for health from the local ecosystem is one of the helpful article I ever seen. It explained what ingredient we should use. By the way please keep posting articles like his. Thanks

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