170: Don Tipping on Seeds and Plant Breeding

Cultivating the future through seed saving and education.

don-tippingDon has been offering hands-on, practical workshops at Seven Seeds Farm since 1997.  His farm is a small, organic family farm in the Siskiyou Mountains of SW Oregon; situated at 2,000 feet elevation on a 7,000 foot tall-forested mountain with rushing spring fed creeks flowing through the land and nestled among old growth forests.
Don helped to found the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative, which manages a 300 share CSA, a commercial seed growing operation, and an equipment co-op and internship curriculum among e 12 cooperating farms.  He also co-founded the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative, a seed growing, marketing and distribution cooperative comprised of 10 western organic farms. 
He sits on the board of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and is a regular contributor to the Oregon State University Small Farms educational program.  Don is also a charter member of the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) as a plant breeder and a seed company advocate.  Don is regularly sought out as a teacher, collaborator and consultant in the Pacific Northwest.

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