Farmer Greg under a tree

601: Avoiding Three Common Mistakes When Starting a Homestead

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice in short, bite-size episodes –  Returning guest Brian Wells, host of The Homestead Journey podcast, shares the most common yet avoidable mistakes that everyone should know when beginning a homestead. Brian points out that homesteading is a journey of…

How to Host a Mini Seed Up

Sharing seeds with your friends and neighbors. Imagine walking into a room filled with over 100 varieties of seeds ready to literally be scooped up and taken home for planting or saving. This is exactly what the Great American Seed Up is all about. Although we can’t get together in big groups in person this year, sharing seeds is still possible. We’ve reorganized to create our Seed Up in a Box so that you can host your own Mini Seed Up with social distancing in mind.