Farmer Greg under a tree

599: Building Healthy Soil with Five Essential Components

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes – Greg kicks off this episode with answering two questions from our listeners that focus on aspects of looking at pest management from a different angle. Tying into our main focus, Greg shares with us the concept of understanding natural pest management and…

580: Jessica Smith on Healthy Soil and Healthy Plants

How healthy soil supports healthy plants and how growing food can solve many of the world’s problems An inspiring conversation with Jessica Smith on the importance of healthy soil, an overlooked resource that could solve many of the world’s problems. Jessica shares the story of her journey towards understanding life within soil and how…

555: Mykl Nelson on Healthy Urban Soil

Can there be too much organic matter in your garden? Growing a healthy garden requires a good balance of healthy soil. Mykl Nelson had studied agriculture for several years and conducted soil analyses of multiple organic farms. What he discovered was a shocking truth about soil health. Listen in to learn about what is over-enrichment, acknowledging diverse soil conditions, and Mykl’s unbelievable solution that turns food waste back into high quality protein.

537: Robert Pavlis on Garden Soil Myths.

537: Robert Pavlis on Garden Soil Myths

Clearing up illusions about the substances we use to grow our food. – In This Podcast: We’ve all bought plant-specific fertilizer or used leaves to diagnose what additives we need for our plants. But according to Robert Pavlis, building great soil needs a different approach. After all, how can you know…