Fruit Tree Pruning Class – UPDATED

In Person Fruit Tree Program Pruning Class in Phoenix. Learn the keys to keeping your fruit trees attractive and productive. See the proper techniques for pruning both deciduous and citrus fruit trees. Discover the best ways to improve the health and harvest of your trees and learn about essential pruning information including key facts about proper tools.

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554: Greg Peterson and Janis Norton on The Fruit Tree Program

An invitation to an online fruit tree education event. It is that time of year for the upcoming annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education launch. Greg Peterson and Janis Norton discuss the highlights of the Urban Farm’s 2020 Fruit Tree Program and share an invitation to the first virtual kick-off event. Listen in to learn about when and where to find the the live online event, special bundle deals, and some quick tips on the selecting the best fruit trees for your backyard.

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 29: Seed Saving Class July 2019

A chat with a seed expert. — In This BONUS Podcast: We join a replay of the July 2019 live Seed Saving Class conversation with Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson where they cover extreme seed saving, how out-of-normal temps affect plant pollination, adapting for temperature changes, and more…

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 28: Seed Saving Class May 2019

A chat with a seed expert. — In This BONUS Podcast: Once again we join a conversation with Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson to learn about growing from seed, growing for seed, and why our seeds are so important in these changing times. This is the replay of the May 2019 Seed Saving Class…