Bonus Episode 4:
Ask Jake and Greg.

A July 2017 Q&A session with two experts on Gardening and Fruit Trees.

In This BONUS Podcast:

Jake Mace the Vegan Athlete and Greg Peterson of The Urban Farm are both gardening educators offering classes, podcasts, and videos on a large variety of gardening topics. Every month they get together for a monthly gardening chat to discuss what is going on in their gardens and answer your questions. To dive in, get more information, and send us your questions visit – so let’s get on with the show… This is the July 2017 Q&A episode with a variety of questions addressed from planning for planting, building healthy soil, and much more.

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SHOW NOTES – A series of questions addressed:

    • An update on garden transitions in July
    • Which fruit trees are producing in Jake’s yard
    • Getting soil healthy and keeping it that way
    • Watering Fruit Trees in warm in the Low Desert
    • Suggestions on where to plant a Sapote
    • Wood chips affecting the soil pH
    • How to know when to plant veggies
    • Gardening tours of Jake’s or Greg’s Farms
    • When to start planting fruit trees
    • Prepping soil for fruit trees
    • Bugs and Pests
    • Healthy Soil & Mace Mix
    • Where to put myccorizae
    • Caliche
    • Texas or Cotton Root Rot

Here are useful links:

Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program
for Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Jake Mace’s online store

Jake Mace’s Seed Bank Box


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