201: Jake Mace on Gardening with Seeds.

Chat with an expert on gardening and seeds.

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Jake MaceJake Mace started his garden in 2011 with a peach tree, fig tree, pomegranate tree, and kumquat tree to save money on his food budget. Today, it’s a luscious green food forest. In Episode 001, we interviewed Jake about his urban farm, learned some of his best tips and tricks, how to avoid his failures, and became inspired by his mission to live a life that’s compassionate with a a zero- to positive-sum impact on the earth, particularly through his commitment to a vegan lifestyle.
He also teaches Martial Arts, Fitness, Tai Chi, Yoga, Gardening, and Golf to people from around The World via his successful YouTube channel and Online Schools at JakeMace.com. Outside of teaching, Jake’s real passion is as an advocate for the environment, animals, and people. Jake has been a Vegan Vegetarian for nearly 16 years and believes in preserving The Earth, it’s resources, and it’s living inhabitants so that future generations can enjoy them as he has! Jake Studied Mandarin Chinese while attending ASU and Duke Universities. Currently Jake lives with his wife Pamela and their many adopted animals on their edible urban homestead in Tempe.

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In This Podcast:  Chatting with gardening expert Jake Mace about growing vegetables and fruit trees from seeds. Jake shares a bit about his favorite plants that he is growing from seeds. As well as why he thinks the seeds collected from your own area is so important.

Topics discussed in this chat:

  • Seeds, seeds and more seeds in his own garden.
  • Burred gherkin – a spiny cucumber
  • Moringa trees – a nutrient dense tree
  • The SeedBankBox.com
  • Ancient seeds and their value
  • GMO and plant based diets
  • Baker Creek Seed Company
  • Native Seed Search
  • The importance of organic v non-organic seeds
  • The importance of open pollenated or heirloom seeds
  • The definition of hybrid seeds

His advice: Never plant a seed too deep.

Contact Jake:


Facebook: Urban Gardening Arizona

Youtube: VeganAthlete

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