758: Jon the Farmer Larson on Seed Sharing in Seattle.

Spreading seeds in the local community.

In This Podcast:

How do you start a farm? You quit your job, become a stay-at-home dad, and convince your neighbors to let you use their yards to grow food. Well, that is how Jon the Farmer did it. He now farms over 20 yards outside of Seattle, connects the other food growers in the area, and creates and delivers his own CSA boxes to his clients. OH yes and he periodically buys a Seed Up In a Box and distributes open pollinated seeds to his community!

Our Guest:

Jon is a husband and father that to this day cannot keep a house plant alive! Initially inspired by Ron Finley’s TED talk and Urban Farmer, Curtis Stone – in 2018 Jon and his wife (Dawn) manifested Jon the Farmer – Urban Farmer. The business grew organically from three small backyard locations to 20 growing locations in the city of Seattle.

Jon the Farmer serves 30 households with weekly CSA share, and contributes to two food banks, all while supporting small farmers with connection to distribution. But the love is in the encouraging of home gardeners to become part of their own food revolution by participating in programs like the Great American Seed Up. Jon & Dawn now grow nutrient dense produce with organic principals and sustainability at its core, on ¼ acre farm on the outskirts of Seattle.

Listen in and learn about:

  • The day his daughter’s snack changed his life
  • Starting his first garden through a Facebook post
  • His first lasagna garden
  • Finding a platform to learn from The Urban Farm Podcast
  • So much food they started to donate to food banks
  • Starting to sell vegetables
  • Spreading the word 
  • Splitting the harvest 40/40/20
  • Getting the kids involved
  • How he manages his CSA
  • Some of the organizations that he partners with


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