798: Cami Prada on Being a Beginning Farmer.

A Journey to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

In This Podcast:

What if it was time for you to leave your corporate life and jump into a life of farming? Well that is exactly what Cami Prada did. She left her life in Miami to start anew in a small town in North Carolina. Now she works at a farm that has an honor stand and with the bee lady working her booth at the farmers market…and is finding life much more fulfilling.

Our Guest:

Rooted from the vibrant city of Miami Beach, the concept of farming was a distant echo in Cami’s upbringing. It wasn’t until adulthood that the notion of ‘sustainability’ ignited her passion for Earth stewardship. In May 2022, she made a BIG move to the Small quaint town of Burnsville, NC.

After a corporate layoff, she found solace and purpose as a farmer at a local farm that doubles as an Honor Produce Stand. Embracing the rural lifestyle, she also lends a hand to a beekeeper friend, sharing the golden sweetness of local honey at her community farmers market.

As she delves into the rich tapestry of this new chapter, her aspirations include cultivating the land, fostering community bonds, and dreaming of a self-sufficient future. This is just the beginning of a fulfilling journey towards a more conscious and connected existence.

Listen in….


Cami’s Book Recommendation:

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn


Cami’s Advice:

“Be honest with yourself, listen to your gut and take chances”


How to reach Cami:

Email – CrazyAboutMyPlanet@gmail.com


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