744: Scott Mann on The Ripples of Permaculture Pt 2.

Changing The World One Podcast Episode At A Time

In This Podcast:

In This Podcast: This is part two an extraordinary interview where Greg discusses personal permaculture beginnings with Scott Mann. In this episode we start with our signature questions and learn more about what he thinks his biggest failure is and how he overcame it, what his biggest success is, and what drives him. This conversation goes off into a great conversation and further into the meanderings of permaculture.

“I love to have conversations with people because in almost any situation, there’s a thread that I can pull on from the story that they share” – Scott Mann

Our Guest:

Scott is the creator and host of The Permaculture Podcast, the longest running podcast dedicated to Permaculture in the world. In more than a decade of producing this show, he has interviewed hundreds of practitioners, from authors and scientists to artists and educators, working to create abundant solutions that imagine a more beautiful planet for everyone and all life. When not sharing these messages with the world, as a way to spend time with and care for his growing family, you can find him cooking in the kitchen or playing games around the table, all while heavy metal plays somewhere in his home.


Books shared by Scott:

  • Gaia’s garden – Toby Hemenway
  • Earth Restorers Guide to Permaculture – Rosemary Morrow
  • Retrosuburbia – David Holmgren

You can reach Scott at:


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