476: Kimberly Kling on the Impact of Herbs.

Inspiration through nature’s bounty of nourishing plants.

In This Podcast:

Working in a desk job and knowing that it was not a good fit, it still took Kimberly Kling a little while to build up the courage to do something different.  Eventually she found herself on a path to learning about herbalism and has finally found her passion. As a devoted learner, she is learning as much as she can, but still finds time to share with others what she has learned so far.

Our Guest:

Kimberly is an herbalist, mother, part-time homesteader, gardener, and the creatrix behind Joyful Roots, a botanical wellness brand. Kimberly and her family live on a 4-acre mini farm in a rural ranching town in Southern Arizona. She finds immense enjoyment in getting to know the local wild plants, experimenting with gardening, making art, creating with food and herbs, and exploring the land around her. Through her business, Joyful Roots, her passions are channeled into to helping others cultivate their inner joy by amplifying their self-care rituals and growing deeper roots in our Mother Earth. Kimberly is committed to offering small batch, 100% natural body-care and soul-care products that nourish our bodies, respect the Earth, and empower us into greater well-being.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Growing up in suburb of Chicago and loved seeing friends’ gardens
    • Learned about sustainable design and took a semester in Prescott, Arizona
    • Took a trip and saw The Urban Farm
    • After Ecosa, was working a desk job and hated it, so she quit without a backup plan
    • Worked at Desert Botanical Gardens for a seasonal job
    • Went to University of Arizona and graduated just as recession hit
    • Moving to Bisbee and loving living a rural life
    • Finding health answers with herbs and finding a new direction
    • Going to school to learn about herbalism
    • Growing herbs for skin care
    • Finding a sensual experience with the skin care products
    • Her vision to build a larger herb farm and an idea to have multiple herb gardens instead
    • The inspiration behind a poem she wrote
    • A reading of her poem
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As well as:

Her failure – Saying in a job that she was miserable in

Her success – Watching her son’s excitement and knowledge of plants

Her drive – Caring for the earth and helping others to cultivate that connection

Her advice – get outside in silence for 5 minutes a day and take in your surroundings

Kimberly’s Book recommendations:

If Women Rose Rooted: A Journey to Authenticity and Belonging by Sharon Blackie

Urban Farm Blog & Recipe posts by Kimberly:

Buckle Down, Sister a poem

RECIPE: Green Grass Salt

How to reach Kimberly:     

Website: www.joyfulroots.com

Facebook: @JoyfulRoots

Instagram: @joyfulroots


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