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Creating Your Permaculture City:

7 Steps to Ecological Abundance

with Toby Hemenway

7 classes taken at your own speed and convenience

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In this online course you’ll learn to:

—grow huge amounts of food in small spaces

—save money on your energy bills

—drought-proof you yard and use less water

—create more livable neighborhoods

—reduce your reliance on money and build social capital


This 7-week online course is designed to give you both the theory and practical tools for using permaculture to enhance your life from the individual to community level. In this course, based on (but going deeper than) Hemenway’s new book, The Permaculture Cityyou will:

• Learn about growing food, designing comfortable, energy-saving outdoor and indoor living spaces, creating habitat, conserving and harvesting water, reducing and recycling waste, and reducing your energy footprint—all using permaculture principles

• Discover ways to empower your community and make your city more livable

• Explore ways to develop a meaningful livelihood and foster a more sustainable relationship with money

• Develop an urban permaculture toolkit using real examples from innovators

• Learn permaculture-based solutions for problems faced by our rapidly urbanizing world


Course Topics:

Week 1 – Permaculture Design with an Urban Twist  

Week 2 – Super-Abundance in the Small-Yard Garden

Wek 3 – More Small-Space Strategies: Finding More Room for Gardening

Week 4 – Water Wisdom, Metropolitan Style

Week 5 – Energy Solutions for Homes and Communities

Week 6 – Livelihood, Real Wealth, and Becoming Valuable

Week 7 – Placemaking and Tools for Creating Empowered Communities


All classes last 90 minutes. In this on-line course you’ll gain practical tools for growing food, designing comfortable, energy-saving outdoor and indoor living spaces, creating habitat, conserving and harvesting water, reducing and recycling waste, and shrinking your energy footprint. What’s more, you’ll learn ways to create and empower community where you live, make your own city or town more livable, and find meaningful livelihood and a more sustainable relationship with money. We’ll develop a complete urban and suburban permaculture toolkit using real examples from innovators in cities, towns, and suburbs. Based on Toby Hemenway’s new book, The Permaculture City, but going into greater depth, this course offers timely and easy-to-implement solutions, grounded in permaculture principles and practice, to the challenges that our increasingly urban world faces on the personal, local, and community levels.


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