821: Chris Bowman and Danny Lundquist on Transforming Chicken Coop Ownership.


In This Podcast:

Greg interviews Danny Lundquist and Chris Bowman, the entrepreneurial duo behind The Chicken Coop Company. They discuss their venture from different backgrounds, with Danny with tech sales and Chris with financial services and real estate, to improve the experience of backyard chicken keeping. They transitioned from corporate jobs into entrepreneurship (one of Greg’s favorite topics), founding their business with an eye on the importance of freedom through owning their own business.

In our chat we explore the nuances of high-quality yet affordable chicken coops, which cater to urban chicken owners concerned about safety, convenience, predator protection, and aesthetic appeal. Key points include the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing chicken coops online, integrating customer feedback for continuous improvement, and professional life lessons learned from past business endeavors.

Our Guest:

Danny was raised in a family business in small town USA, his upbringing instilled a deep sense of community and relationship in business. Armed with “door-to-door” sales experience coupled with leading customer experience and sales teams in the tech industry, Danny knows the art of connecting with people and understanding their needs.

Chris is a California native who revels in the tranquility and adventure of the global outdoors. He has an insatiable entrepreneurial energy and determination. From leading large financial services technology teams to health care organizations and real estate adventures, he relishes building relationships.

Together they own and operate The Chicken Coop Company which sells chicken coops that are the “Goldilocks” play for people new to keeping chickens; they are high quality coops that are not too big, too small, or too expensive.

Listen in….

Danny’s Book Recommendation:

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

Chris’s Book Recommendation:

$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Greg’s Book Recommendation:

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

How to reach Danny & Chris:

Website – ChickenCoopCompany.com

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