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It is my joy and delight to support your food growing journey through The Urban Farm’s programs. Did you know that I actually pay out-of-pocket for every podcast episode that airs? And every online course we offer costs thousands to create. To help us with these costs, The Urban Farm Team has put together a patron program. This program is designed to bring you even more incredible content while helping us to cover our expenses. For more of my story and details about the Patron Program, continue reading below. Or, choose your plan now to support your own journey as well as the global movement to bring urban farming to households worldwide:

Urban Farmer Silver ($10/month) 


  • Entire Urban Farm Podcast Library (650+ episodes)
  • Exclusive access to the Freshly Green podcast archive
  • Access to the private Urban Farm U Facebook community

Urban Farmer Gold ($25/month)


  • Everything from tier one (silver)
  • 2 patron-only educational urban farming classes per month
  • Exclusive discounts on Urban Farm U online courses

Urban Farmer Platinum ($75/month) 


  • Everything from the previous two tiers
  • PLUS a monthly small group coaching session with Greg ($200 value per session)
  • Note: Group coaching begins in May. By becoming a Platinum Patron today, you lock in the $75/month price for good. In May, the price will go up to $99/month for new patrons.

My Story Continued...

The Urban Farm was started in 2001 with the intent of helping transform our local food system. Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress both locally here in Phoenix with our Fruit Tree Education Program and globally with The Urban Farm Podcast and Urban Farm U Online Courses. 

Urban Farm U is the branch of The Urban Farm that delivers online food-growing courses. I started Urban Farm U in 2012 to reach more people around the globe and help make front and backyard gardening education both accessible and affordable. If it were up to me, to my team’s chagrin, we would be putting out new courses every month. That’s how excited we are about the work that we do!

The Urban Farm Podcast was started in 2015 as a continuation of my mission to make food growing education accessible to as many people as possible worldwide. Today, The Urban Farm Podcast has over 650 episodes and counting!

I started The Urban Farm Patron Program to support your urban farming journey in bigger ways AND help me cover my expenses so that I can continue sharing this information for years to come. 

Become an Urban Farm Silver Patron ($10/month) to get exclusive access to ALL 650+ episodes of The Urban Farm Podcast – 7 years’ worth of episodes for your enjoyment! Plus, you’ll get access to my flagship podcast, Freshly Green (which is no longer available to the public), and an invitation to the Urban Farm U private Facebook community. 

Become an Urban Farm Gold Patron ($25/month) if you’re ready to invest some time into your urban farming education, with access to not only the entire Urban Farm Podcast library, Freshly Green Podcast, and Facebook community  but also 2 urban farming classes per month and exclusive discounts on Urban Farm U courses. You’ll also be the first to receive behind-the-scenes footage of my cross-country move from Phoenix to Asheville.

I am especially excited to share the Platinum Patron tier ($75/month for a limited time). When you become a Platinum Patron, you get access to the highest level of support I offer and exclusive access to me as your urban farming advisor. At this level of support, you get everything included in the other tiers as well as a monthly small-group coaching session with yours truly. This is an incredible way to support your own food growing journey by having an urban farming expert at your fingertips to guide you every step of the way. Please note, group coaching begins in May. By joining today, you lock in the $75/month price for good. In May, the price will go up to $99/month for new patrons. 

See the complete list of perks below, and know that when you become a supporter you are helping keep The Urban Farm, Urban Farm U and The Urban Farm Podcast running and thriving for years to come for your own education AND that of aspiring growers around the world. 

Join the movement by selecting a plan above! Please email if you have any questions.

— Greg Peterson

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