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Supporting Urban Farm U

Urban Farm U is the online portion of our teaching programs. We used to offer several courses, some webinars, lots of podcasts, and some in-person classes. In 2020, the world changed and we responded. While we were all still figuring out what “lockdown” meant, we gave 60+ days of free nightly webinars while the coronavirus changed how we connected with our friends and neighbors. We transitioned all of our in-person classes into online webinars.  We updated our processes and platforms, we hired more people, and expanded what we were doing.  The need for our content was growing and we did too.

Now, we are turning to you as we need your help to keep growing and sharing. The sign ups for what we teach are growing as people are looking to be more resilient in this every-increasingly challenged world we occupy. We want to keep making as much of this free as possible, and you have the power to help us do that.

— Many Thanks – From Greg, Janis, & Tayler

Here are the three biggest ways to show your support:

Purchase a Course
or All Access Pass
for a Summit.

This is the best choice as it directly supports a program and lets us know what topics are important. Not only does this add content to your personal library on our student portal, this supports our programs. 

Donate and
support multiple programs

Doing all that we do requires a team, and we need to pay them a respectable wage. If one of our free webinars resonated with you or gave you inspiration, let us know by sending us a little cash to keep those programs funded. Even a little bit can add up and help us add to our programs.

Give us a
Positive Review
and stars.

If you found inspiration, encouragement, solutions, or more through one of our online events, please give us a good rating on Google or whatever search engine you are using.  This helps give us validity for search engines and we can reach more people.

You can help in other ways too.

And, of course we know there are times when money is tight, however your support still makes a difference and very much appreciated.

All in all, we love what we do. Mostly because we love seeing what happens when our participants are inspired. So, let us know what kind of urban farm you’ve created in your space, even if that is just a corner of a patio.

Add a Comment
on our Replays.

If you happen to catch a class or other presentation in a replay, please add a comment to let us know that you appreciated the video.  Those comments help us know which presentations are the most effective and we will focus on those topics.  

Tell Your Friends
about us.

You can post a comment and tag us on social media, share a blog article or the class announcement emails we send, or just chat about us while at a meal. Your opinion has weight, and might encourage someone to seek us out for inspiration of their own.

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