71: Jake Mace: Humanity’s Global Future is Local

In today’s episode, Jake Mace will talk about why humanity’s global future is local and 3 ways to ensure your fruit trees thrive. Jake is The Vegan Athlete, runs Longevity Gardens in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Pam, and is one of the most passionate food advocates that we know. This is his third visit to The Urban Farm Podcast. We love having him on the show because he is always working on some new project in his yard and has a lot of valuable expertise to share! Listen in to learn about his experience eating ONLY out of his yard for 5 days (3 meals a day plus snacks!) and to find out what he means when he says, “We have to start taking responsibility for the happiness, health, and the well-being we have as humans in this life.”

Jake’s 3 tips for someone that’s just getting started:
1. Plant SOMETHING now. Just one thing! It doesn’t have to be a lot. He started with just 3 fruit trees in 2011, and now 6 years later he can eat entire meals out of his yard.
2. Use lots of mulch and wood chips! Today, the wood chips he laid 4 years ago are now black, healthy soil.
3. Harvest the rainwater that hits your house

jake_mace_opt (1)

Longevity Gardens in Tempe, AZ

Three ways to ensure your fruit trees thrive (listen for details!):
1. The way you water them  (listen at 17:50 for details)
2. Feed your trees – worm castings, compost, and mulch (20:00)
3. Prune your trees (21:50)

Jake has been on our podcast before:
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Jake Mace on The Urban Farm Podcast on his 10 Favorite Trees and Wood Chips

Check out his YouTube video on wood chips (plus much more when you follow his YouTube channel, Vegan Athlete):

Jake Mace was born in British Columbia, Canada and has lived in the Phoenix Area since 1993. Jake attended Arizona State University and currently is a full time teacher of Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Yoga, Fitness, Urban Gardening, Edible Landscapes, and Golf. He currently teaches at many companies and Universities in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler. He also teaches Martial Arts, Fitness, Tai Chi, Yoga, Gardening, and Golf to people from around The World via his successful YouTube channel and Online School of the Martial Arts at JakeMace.com. Outside of teaching, Jake’s real passion is as an advocate for the environment, animals, and people. Jake has been a Vegan Vegetarian for nearly 15 years and believes in preserving The Earth, it’s resources, and it’s living inhabitants so that future generations of people can enjoy them as he has! Jake Studied Mandarin Chinese while attending ASU and Duke Universities. Currently Jake lives with his wife Pamela and their many adopted animals on their edible urban homestead in Tempe.

Where can you find Jake?
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