Whoa – What is a Tower Garden?

“It is an incredible growing system made for beginners to advanced gardeners.  I know because one of my favorite garden tools is my Tower Garden.” Greg Peterson, Your Urban Farmer.

Hi I am Nikki Golly here to talk about and show you the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.

If you are new to gardening, not quite the Urban Farmer that Greg Peterson is, or just want another fun way to grow food then this is the garden for you.  The Tower Garden is the best gardening system I have used personally.  It is said that they use 90% less water, have a 30% higher yield, and grow 30% faster than a conventional garden. 

Hands down my favorite part is that is sounds like a water fountain!  So its an amazing water feature that also grows food…doubly beneficial for my overall health and well being.  You don’t have to know how to grow food to use this thing either…its super easy!  I call it a plug and play system because when you order it, you get everything you need to grow delivered in one big box.
For more information about the TowerGarden or to get one of your own email me at TowerGarden@UrbanFarm.org or visit my page at ngolly.towergarden.com
~Nikki Golly
TowerGarden Representative at The Urban Farm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  I don’t live somewhere that I can have a normal garden.  Can I use a Tower Garden?
A.  Yes.  The Tower Garden can be used anywhere and is easily moved.  
Q.  Does it need to be plugged in?
A.  Yes.  It needs to have a power source to work.  There is a small pump in the bottom to pump the water to the top so it can trickle down the inside and water the roots.
Q.  How much power does it take?
A.  24 watts of power to run the pump.  It pulls less power than most lights in the house.  
Q.  Can I grow inside?
A.  Yes.  You can purchase grow lights to make the tower garden able to be grown inside all year round.  You  can  have fresh lettuce even in the winter in Wisconsin or Canada.  


We are not taking any commission or sales percentage on the sale of Tower Gardens. We just love them and want to promote them as an excellent solution for a variety of gardening challenges.