20-21 Fruit Tree Program!

We will start accepting orders for deciduous, tropical and native trees, and general store items starting in september.

Fruit Tree Program Membership

For anyone who has purchased a fruit tree from us, we have created an online resource full of our videos, PDFs, and webinars.  You can use this link to access it. 

Webinars With Live Q&A (every fall!)

Our education portion of the Fruit Tree Program has moved to our Member Page during our “off-season”.

Greg’s Guide to Growing Fruit Trees What to know BEFORE you buy!

Did you know that you can go into some nurseries and every big box store and they will sell you a fruit tree that will never make fruit? There are three key things that you need to know before you purchase a tree so that in 3 years you are harvesting the fruits of your labor for decades to come! Plus you will learn urban orchard skills and discover how and why it is best to keep your fruit trees small. Then we will dive into some of the best varieties for the low desert.

Three Keys to Ultimate Fruit Tree Success! What to know AFTER you buy your trees

There are three things that most people do to kill their trees. We will explore what to do to avoid them and learn skills for ultimate fruit tree success! We will dive in and get a better understanding of how to make healthy soil for your tree to grow into. Plus you will learn Greg’s 6/6 rule and the best shape and size to dig your planting hole.

Extreme Tree CARE: Planting, Watering, & Fertilizing Okay, so you bought your trees, now what?

The long term care of fruit trees in the Arizona desert depends on three aspects of loving and caring for your fruit tree. Planting and watering correctly, and applying both foliar and granular fertilizers at the right times. In this webinar we will dig into getting your fruit trees planted for success, discover Greg’s 40 year old Watering methodology and then learn how to properly fertilize your trees for ultimate success.

Greg's FAVORITE Fruit Trees for Phoenix Which one could be mine?

People often ask me what fruit tree should I buy? I ask what do you like to eat...plant that! To a point. Over the years I have experimented with many different varieties of trees and I have come up with my favorite trees and bushes to grow...because they work here and produce over the long term.

What Supplies do I need for my trees? Our General Store is committed to your success

We have very specific guidelines for fruit tree success in extreme climates. In this class we cover all the supplies you need for your fruit tree success, and help you figure out which ones you need and when. This includes planting mixes, supplements, fertilizers, foliar feeds, watering devices, chlorine filters and so much more.

SOFT - Special Order Fruit Tree Program

In this one night only webinar we are focusing on the program for more advanced growers. We will talk about where to find and how to complete your Special Order Form and what to expect when your trees arrive. Greg will talk about how to consider heat, sun, wind, and elevation, as well as why rootstocks make a difference!