Mesquite education & Milling Program

Mesquite is a multi-functional tree, native to the southwest desert and certain similar climate zones in South America.  The locally native trees have been a valuable resource for area residents for more than a thousand years. Known for their tasty and nutrient- packed seed pods, even some wild animals will have their seasonal routes on the locations of these trees. 

We’ve put together an annual program with online education, in-person classes & harvest events, and community milling events. 

Current events listed first, and some resources below.

Please join us in enjoying this tasty and nutritious native resource. 


First Sign up for this Live Class:

Mesquite Basics

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 at 6pm AZ/Pacific

with Peggy Sue Sorensen & Mike Clow

Join us for our first Mesquite Zoom Class of the season with guest presenters Peggy Sue Sorensen and Mike Clow, as we look forward to our local Mesquite Pod Milling Event at the end of the month.

Then... Collect and Mill your Seed pods:


Mesquite Walkabouts

2 locations Tempe and Phoenix

These are walking tour & harvest opportunities of the mesquite trees in, or near, some of our local parks. See, smell, touch, and taste mesquite beans as you take our walking class and learn how to collect mesquite beans. Harvesting depends on weather.

Bring your collection supplies and gather your own mesquite pods, then dry them a little bit more and turn them into flour later this month.

Rio Salado Park

in Tempe

with Don Titmus & Jordan Stejskal

Saturday, June 22nd at 8am

Granada Park

in Phoenix

with Peggy Sue Sorensen & Mike Clow

SUNDAY, June 23 at 8am


Two LOCAL Pop-Up Milling events at at a Location to be announced!

Individual and Bulk Milling appointments

Bring your prepared pods to our community milling days at:

a location to be announced soon. 

We will inspect the pods, then mill them in our awesome hammermill, usually while you wait. Your pods are turned into your own flour for a mere $7.50 per lb – a great value!

Mesquite Milling Days

The date we’ve been waiting to turn
YOUR pods into YOUR flour!

 Choose your appointment slot, and bring us your buckets of dried mesquite pods.

HUMIDITY NOTE: Milling depends on dry weather.

Saturday, June 29th

Sunday, June 30th
Appointments coming soon


We’ve partnered with The Mollen Foundation to run this event.

AND... watch these videos:

We have hosted several classes on: How to choose the tastiest mesquite pods, How to safely harvest, How to get them ready for milling, and even How to store pods if you can’t get to a milling right away. We are adding related videos and information as we collect it. Check these out!

Mesquite: Harvest it, Mill it, Eat it!

with Peggy Sue Sorensen and Mike Clow

This is the class we held in May 2021.  Peggy & Mike discuss several elements of proper harvesting, preparing for milling, and some tasty examples of how to add mesquite to your menu.

How to Store Mesquite Pods

with Greg Peterson, Don Titmus, Peggy Sue Sorensen and Brad Lancaster.
This is the class in June 2020 while we delayed the Mesquite Pod Milling Event.  We discuss several elements around the topic of storing mesquite pods until the next milling event.

Mesquite Pod Harvest & Processing

with Peggy Sue Sorensen
A class from June 2020 during the Urban Farm’s Victory Garden Challenge, Peggy Sue of The Desert Kitchen, teaches us key elements on harvesting and processing your mesquite pods!

ReWilding, ReEnlivening, & ReHydrating

with Brad Lancaster
A June 2019 class during our Mesquite Education Program. Famous for his Water Harvesting teachings, Brad has been harvesting mesquite pods for decades as well as helping others through the in Tucson.